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M & R Ltda. - Casas Curitiba
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Europa Project

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FOUNDATION: Composed of screw piles, grade beams and blocks, in the size specified in the plans.

STRUCTURE/ MASONRY WALLS: Structure composed of pre-fabricated girders, beams and slabs covered with reinforced concrete, where the bathrooms on the upper floor will be executed. The walls of the bathrooms, kitchen and service area (where tiles are not placed) will be in masonry, plastered and caulked (without a wood finish). Both inside and outside walls will be ready for painting.

STRUCTURE/WOODEN WALLS: Upper and lower in solid grapia hardwood 35mm thick, in modulated length as determined by the building plans, joined in a male-female system applied horizontally between the solid hardwood columns of 105 mm x 105 mm. Floor height of approximately 2.50m on the upper and lower floors when there is wood flooring. Where there is a concrete slab, the lower floor may have a height of approximately 2.3 meters because of settling. On the bracing of the wooden walls on the upper floor, where there are double braces, compression mounts will be used for automatic adjustment of the wall elements. Where the braces are solid, compression joints will not be used. This is to accommodate to the natural drying process of the wood. The columns of the varanda and or shed are in solid hardwood in the sizes indicated in the building plan.

VARANDAS AND DECKS: When there are varandas or decks on the upper floor, a hand rail of three pieces of hardwood will be used, as on the stairs and mezzaine.

STAIRS: The inside stairs, which leads to the upper floor, will be in solid hardwood, as in the building plan. They will be treated with Poliulack Marítimo Fosco Acetinado varnish.

ROOF/STRUCTURE: In hardwood, with beams, planks, rafters, joist and sill as indicated in the building plan. All of the exposed wood will be planed and sanded and the rest simply milled. The front siding will have a structure for placement of glass and the others will be in hardwood wainscot. Material for dormer will be at the cost of the contractor. Portuguese style roof tiles of natural ceramic will be used. There is no plan for them to be attached (with nails or wire). Between the rafter and joists, thermal insulation with an aluminum face will be placed in the area above the body of the house.

WATER SUPPLY: 500-liter water tank in a triple layer of polyethylene by the Tinabras brand. PVC pipes and fittings (attached with solvent and or with brass bushings), for cold water, in PVC, of the Amanco brand. The installation and sizes of the pipes, fittings and accessories will be as indicated in the building plans.

SEWAGE: PVC pipes and fittings with rubber gaskets of the Amanco brand. Installations and sizes of pipes, fittings and accessories in accord with technical norms.

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: Copper wires, of the Nambei brand, insulated with anti-flame plastic with gauges in accord with technical norms, protected by thermo-magnetic breakers of the Pial Legrand brand, distributed vertically and horizontally in flexible conduit running from terminal boxes. Two-phase circuit breaker boxes with ground. Outlets and switches of the brand ENERBRÁS LINHA ARTIS BRANCA.

CEILING SSTRUCTURE: Composed of the ceiling, crescent molding and beams. Ceiling in Tauarí or Angelim hardwood, pitched in the living room (according to the building plans) and level in the other rooms. Shed, varanda and eaves with exposed roof tiles.

METAL FIXTURES: Valves for the bathrooms and showers in chrome DECA brand model C40. Chrome bathroom faucets DECA model C40 and for the toilet in DELTA chrome cruzeta model.

ACCESSORIES: Kit with bathroom accessories (soap dishes, toilet paper dispenser, clothes hooks and bath and face towel racks) finished in chrome, from the Expambox brand Magnus model.

PORCELAIN FIXTURES: Bathroom set of tank-toilet and pedestal sink in enameled porcelain from the Incepa Flamingo line in colors: white, biscuit or gray. If the client opts for the letter of credit, the amount of R$ 190,00 (one hundred and ninety reals) will be included for a similar set.

FLOORING AND TILES: On the bathroom and kitchen walls, tiles will be placed to the ceiling with a decorative strip. In the laundry room, tiles will be placed to a height of 1.5 m with no decorative strip. Floors in the bathrooms and kitchen will be in glazed ceramic. Ceramic tile PI5 will be used in all of the rooms on the lower floor and bathrooms of the upper floor. Floors in the bedrooms and circulation spaces on the upper floor will have hardwood flooring with boards of variable lengths.

DOOR AND WINDOW FRAMES: All of the door and window frames are in hardwood in the sizes specified in the building plans.

LOCKS: Locks will be from the Aliança brand Colonial model. Outside doors will have a lock with cylinder ref: 4600 102Z LO. Inside doors will have lock ref: 4700 102Z LO. Bathroom doors will have lock ref: 4800 102Z LO.

WINDOWS AND DOORS: "Maximo-ar” or Maximum-air windows with keyless lock from the factory. The others are of the União Mundial brand´s colonial FLO model. Sliding windows with keyless latch. French windows that open (when used) with surface Cremona-style bolt latches and rods. Sliding doors (when used) have parrot beak type locks.

PAINTING: Wooden walls will be treated internally with Poliulack Maritimo Fosco Acetinado varnish and, outside with Poliulack Maritimo high-gloss varnish with sun filter, in two coats, both of the Sayerlack brand. The masonry walls will be coated internally with plaster. Both inside and outside, two coats of paint will be applied with Suvinil Acrílico Premium, from the standard color catalog (Branco Neve, Gelo, Azul Bali, Alecrim, Atlantis, Vanila, Mel, Marrocos, Areia, Palha, Marfim, Pérola, Camurça, Pêssego, Flamingo, Telha, Concreto), given that only one color can be chosen for indoors and one for outdoors.

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