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Mister Frango

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About Us

The project of creation of Avícola Felipe happened in 1993 when founders saw that the food market was a great opportunity of jobs creation for the unemployed people of the region. The decision for the Aviculture was an evolution for the option of the food market.

So they came up with the idea of having the first challenge, the insertion of the chicken raising in a region with no experience in this sector. Today the Poultry Keeping is inserted in the agriculture and cattle-raising sectors of Paranavaí and its region with a strong income for the farmers with the use of a small area of their properties.

With the business ready there was a need of creating a logo for the product that would be sold. And this task was very well developed with the logo related to the trademark MISTER FRANGO.

With the project of the abattoir construction and the integration of the farmers, a big step for the conclusion of what today it is the industry with the biggest capacity of absorption of the labor of the region.

In October of 1995 the company started its activities and its official inauguration was in December 16th 1995. In 1997 it passed through a process of restructuring that led to the changing of the AVÍCOLA FELIPE LT. to AVÍCOLA FELIPE S.A. in order to receive the investments in form of sharing participation of the Economic Found of Development E.F.D. a department connected to the Secretary of the Treasury of the State.

With the investments received the company could finally develop projects and become one of the biggest employers of the region with its history.

With the development and the results obtained the company could buy the shares of the E.F.D. again concluding the process of participation of this department that accomplished the mission of developing this company and the company accomplished its mission that was to rescue its autonomy, finishing the agreement of buying all the shares back even before the limit date.

The process of the enterprise was concluded and since 2003 the company is the example of a successful business distributing its products for practically all the country and exporting to Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, countries of the East of Europe and Africa and it is preparing itself to provide the products for the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

The company today has experienced professionals in this sector, two veterinarian doctors and seven technicians to give the necessary technical support to the farmers integrated to the company, managers in the areas of production, quality control, maintenance, commercial, personnel, ration industry, computation, administrative and financial besides the food engineering and administrator with specialization in industrial automation and production engineering. The company is conscious of its mission and competitive advantages, the essential definitions for the development of all business projects.

Exports: At the international market, the company is prepared to export to any country in the world being qualified in the General List of Exporters. Today it exports to Hong Kong, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Africa, Iraq, Turkey and Cuba, with advantaged contacts to shipments to other countries of the Middle East, Asia and East of Europe, also European industries in the supply of raw material for the animal ration, besides being developing a project of certification to attend the European Community.

Focusing its boarding in the harbors of Paranaguá and Itajaí and always searching for the efficiency on the services done by its partners, Avícola Felipe has today strong partnerships with the main shipowners, terminals, transport companies and dispatchers, having and efficient delivery for its shipment in every ways.
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Company Key Figures

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  • 1993
    Year Established

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Avícola Felipe S.a.
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Mr..Lucas Campano
55 44 3421xxxx
rod. PR 218, Km 06 - Cx. Postal 624, 624 - Zona Rural - 87701970
Paranavaí / PA