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Minerals, Metals & Materials
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Silos Metlicos High

The body and roof hopper bins are produced in the high galvanized ZAR 345, recommended in the manufacture of silos metlicos. Metlicos supported on pillars, have discharge hopper 45 and 60. Lung own for use, storage or separation of waste products. All models are manufactured with amounts external stairs to the body and roof, inspeo doors, vents and roof system aerao for Kids product storage (optional).

Silos Plans

Amount Body: The body of the galvanized silos produced in ZAR 345, recommended the construction of silos. Their amounts tambmso galvanized, mounted on the outside, avoiding the accumulation of impurities and easy cleaningthe silo.

Reinforced Ring: Also called anise upwind, are placed in silos to stiffen the structure and ensure security in the Wind.
Galvanized Roof structure: So placed in bins with diameter from 14.74 m. all models of silos are provided with roof vents to help prevent condensation of the water condensing water and ensure efficiency of aerao.

Thread Sweeper: Threads sweepers are produced with a capacity of up to 120 ton / h. the helicoid increasing the security of the protected equipment.

Helical Staircase: Optional item. Seguranae provides easy access walkway. Widely used in a silo, when mounted in line.
Port Inspeo: All models dand silos are produced inspeo with a door that can be mounted on the first ring or ring intermedirio for access to the interior of the silo.

Stairs: The stairs from the ceiling with stairs and ladder corrimoea body with guardrails, so serial items, providing security for access to the roof of the silo and the walkway.

Aerao: The silos have systems aerao sized for storage and conservation of products for various moisture contents varying Medelo video fan and floor area drilled.

Runway: Optional item mounted on the roof of the silo. Facilitates access safely to manutenoe inspeo.

Side discharge: Optional item, used mainly in large silos storage capacity. Possibilita the expedition at 45% of the product without the use of equipment mechanics discharge.

Silos Expedio

Run in galvanized sheet metal CAD 345 with option structure sustentao metlica or concrete and metallic funnel to 45 or 60.

  • high silo expedition plan

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Consilos Industrial Ltda
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Mr..Atendimento Consilos
55 45 3228xxxx
BR 277, S/N KM 593 - JARDIM ESPLANADA - 85813350