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Become a Verified Buyer on B2B Trade Portal

Registration information verified by the B2B Trade Portal Team

It makes your brand image more credible and authentic

Sellers have more confidence when dealing with B2B Verified Buyers

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How can I be a B2B Verified Buyer on B2B Trade Portal?

  • Receive the benefit by paying an annual fee online
  • Fill out all the necessary information in your registration in B2B Trade Portal.
  • B2B Trade Portal’s staff will contact the applicant to request a copy of their company origination documents.

Benefits of being a B2B Verified Buyer

  • Greater confidence of sellers, increasing chances of business.
  • Maintain a detailed profile of the buyer which may be seen by interested sellers.
  • Identified as "B2B Verified" on B2B Trade Portal

After being approved, a verified company will receive our B2B verified seal as well as the other benefits.


Verification by B2B Trade Portal does not guarantee commercial credibility, and B2B Trade Portal assumes no responsibility for the information presented. Users should review the Practice / Safe Tips and conduct reasonable due diligence with respect to business dealing with each company it enters into contact with.